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As an established business you should already know if your website is outstanding or basically sucks.  There are two main things for you look at. First of all, the looks of your website.  Does your website look very modern and convey to potential customers the exact message that you want them to have of your business? If not, then what does that say about your business to the public? The second thing to look at is whether potential customers can actually find your website in the search engines (Google, Bing) for the products and services that you offer. 

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Here is one very basic idea for you to understand.  If your website is NOT on page 1 for your most commonly searched keyword (what potential customers are typing into Google to find your product or services) then absolutely your website is not being found online by Springfield residents.  If your website is NOT in the top 3 results for your keywords then a majority of people will not click on the link to view your website.  We at Springfield SEO can design a website customized to your need and offer marketing services to establish your online presence. Our team is equipped with web designers and internet marketing experts to bring you to your goals by strengthening your internet presence.  Please fill out our application form to see if your business is a good match with Springfield SEO.

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Mobile Friendly Websites

People are using mobile phones and tablets to search the internet more and more often in recent years.  It is very important that your website display properly on mobile devices.  In fact, Google has announced that they will penalize sites that are mobile friendly beginning on April 21, 2015.  This should be a huge concern for your business because if your website is penalized, you will lose new customers and revenue for your business.  There are two ways to make mobile friendly websites.  The 1st is to have what is called a “mobile responsive” design.  Basically this means that the internal architecture of your website will automatically adjust the dimensions of the images and content that is displayed depending upon whether a mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer is being used to look at your website.  

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The Bottom Line Information You Need To Consider

Some web designs are put up just for the sole purpose of having a website and not optimized to cater to the customers’ needs or without regard as to whether potential customers can find your website or not in the search engines.  Remember, if POTENTIAL NEW CUSTOMERS can NOT find your website because it is not on the 1st page of Google, you have had your ego stroked for something that you will NEVER get a return on your investment.  

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