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Traffic Generation For Local Businesses

Getting targeted traffic to your website and other online properties is by far the single most important part of growing your business online.  Yes, this means that traffic is even MORE important than rankings.  Most companies that work in the search marketing area work hard to get traffic from several main keywords in one city.  We are sure that is NOT the right way to do business.  Unless potential customers can find you online, they will not have the opportunity to learn about the products and services that you offer and find out what your customers have to say about your business via reviews.

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Why Traffic Generation?

Yes we would like to reiterate again that TRAFFIC IS KING.  The facts that all businesses should be aware of though are several.  First of all, traffic by itself has some benefit in the eyes of Google as traffic is definitely a ranking signal, but what is more important for businesses is TARGETED traffic.  This means that the visitors that come to your online properties are actually looking for your products and services.  Getting traffic from china for a local law firm certainly is not targeted traffic.  Getting traffic from surrounding communities that could visit a local office or call you is certainly a valuable asset to have.  We have the knowledge and proprietary systems to deliver local targeted traffic to your website.

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How Traffic Generation Works

Traffic generation works in the following ways.  First of all, we target hundreds of keywords.  Of course we still place emphasis on the main keywords for each business, but most businesses underestimate the value of the other keywords (called long tail keywords) that are NOT targeted by other SEO companies.  The second important area that we target is surrounding communities.  Of course this can be a different area that is targeted depending upon the niche.  A personal injury attorney may target a large area of the state, while a dentist may only target surrounding towns such as Chatham, Riverton, Rochester, Sherman and several others.  We like to use the analogy of fishing.  If you go fishing with a rod and reel, you will catch fish in a very small area.  If your go fishing with a large net, like commercial fisherman do, then you will capture many more fish.  We love to get more targeted visitors to your website by using our own proprietary version of a large net.

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The Bottom Line Information You Need To Think About

If your company would benefit by more targeted traffic either locally, state wide or even nationally, then please contact us so we can discuss a customized plan.  We are confident that we can provide you with benefits that our competitors are unable to deliver.  Please feel free to look at our competitors websites and see if any of them even offer traffic delivery as a service.  We are confident that our services are superior and we will deliver additional visitors to your online properties.

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