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Online reputation is considered to be very important for any company in this modern generation. It is actually a part of the whole reputation of the company whether online or offline. Today, it is very bad for a company to be attacked with negative reviews because most people do look at these reviews and rely on them whether a company’s products and services are worth their money.

If you have a less than perfect online reputation, we can help. Call me at (217) 280 -4586 so we can get started on a reputation management plan. 
Here are 10 tested and proven tips to help a company in having a high reputation and maintaining it that way.

1. Be well respected
Based on most business experts, trust is very important for a company to build with their client. Experts even describe trust as a perishable asset and it is difficult to gain. Making people respect your company, your work and even yourself is even more important than any other reputation management method.

2. Become a Good Example to the Public
One of the great examples for this is the food chain McDonalds. They have forced egg suppliers in raising the living standards of hens. This is based on the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals request.

3. Be Updated on What Others are Saying About your Company
You can do this by constantly monitoring your online reputation in social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. There are a lot of people who are evaluating and asking questions about certain companies through these sites.

4. React Politely and Quickly
When your company receives a complaint from your customers, you should make sure to respond quickly and in a good manner such as “We are aware of the problem. We are giving your best to fix it and we will get back you to as soon as possible.”

5. Addressing Criticism
You should always know what others say about your company. Address critics to know about the strengths and weaknesses of your company. This way, you will be able to know what aspects of your company you should improve to provide better services to increase customers.
If you have a less than perfect online reputation, we can help. Call me at (217) 280 -4586 so we can get started on a reputation management plan. 

6. Google Page 1 Should Be Treated as Your Business Card
First impressions definitely count because this is when people will either be interested or will want to get away from your company. Thus, you should be worried if the terms “rip off” and “scam” are associated with your company and react immediately.

7. Understanding Detractors
If your company has detractors, don’t get easily offended by them but instead, you should take it as a challenge to prove that your company really is nothing to what they are negatively saying.

8. Attacking Illegitimate Attackers
Even if you have to control your temper, you still have to fight sometimes. There are times that you have to sue someone, especially those illegitimate attackers, to avoid them from doing the same thing again.

9. Learning from Mistakes
Of course, there is no perfect company and your company will be making mistakes along the way. Learn from these mistakes and don’t let it pull your company down. Do your best to bring it back up even if it is hard. If you have done this successfully, you will be able to do it again easier in case your company makes another mistake.

10. Ask for Help if Needed
If your reputation management efforts are not working, then you could always ask for a professional help.
If you have a less than perfect online reputation, we can help. Call me at (217) 280 -4586 so we can get started on a reputation management plan.

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