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At Springfield SEO, we monitors business opportunities in multiple cities and multiple niches. When we find one that can provide great promise for business owners, then we take the risks by using our money and time in creating websites. We have the expertise to evaluate which niches that we can completely dominate and create huge financial gains for a business owner. We have the experience and know how to get our websites on page 1. By reaching this expectation, we are confident that we will find customers who are interested in renting the site from us. We know this is a better way of doing online business.
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Take The Financial Risk Out Of The Equation

If our website does not get to the first page of the search engine rankings, then we won’t be able to get customers. Also, the customer will not be responsible for paying the monthly lease cost for the website if the site is not on page 1. The price that we will be charging for these websites will vary depending on the niche and the competition offered by other websites.
Since we already have the knowledge when it comes to our websites and how it can attract customers and make a good source of income for them, then we are definitely not the lowest priced company. However, the price that you are going to pay for us will definitely be worth it because of the quality services that we provide and the number of times a potential customer is able to see your website.

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Why We Do Business This Way

One reason as to why we do our business this way is to avoid clients who have been very irritating due their frequent complaining. I am sure all of you have had customers, clients or patients that are constant complainers. Ones that take up 10 to 50 times more work than others and will frankly just not ever be happy. Well, of course we have had those also, but using leased websites lets us “fire” those type of customers and then offer the website to competing businesses in the same niche.

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