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Do you want to know more about lead generation and how it could work for you in Springfield? Do you understand how it is different from the traditional online marketing process? For sure, there are a lot of people who have bad experiences in the online industry because of spending too much money for online advertising.
The idea behind lead generation is that a business never pays for a website! The business pays per phone call from a lead generation website. A great example of this is 1 800 Dentist. Potential patients find the website, because of its high ranking, and then call the 1 800 Dentist phone number and then are referred to a local dentist. But what people may not know is that the local dentist is then charged a set fee for the referral from the 1-800-dentist website. So basically, the dentist is paying (for example $100) to 1800 Dentist knowing that the average patient that comes in will spend more than the $100. So this is a win-win situation. The website company gets paid for its hard work, and the dentist gets a new patient.
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Reasons Why Traditional Websites May Not Have Worked For You

There are several factors which may have caused this and here are a few of them. Having a website will not mean that a business will be receiving good amount of customers and a good amount of income. The main problem for an online business to fail is that they have not reached the top rankings in search engines. According to statistics, if your website appears on the 2nd page of google then your business will have less than 1% chance for someone to find it. If your website is on the 3rdpage and beyond, then you will have almost no chance for your website to be found by internet users.

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A lot of companies have spent a lot of money just for website design and what’s even worse is that those website owners haven’t received a satisfying amount of income because internet users haven’t found their website yet. This is when lead generation will definitely come in handy. Let me explain again, how lead generation works. Lead generation works by only charging business owners for the legitimate phone calls that they are going to receive from customers who are interested with their services and products. Therefore, companies will not be wasting thousands of dollars of money anymore. With lead generation, a business owner will be guaranteed to receive interest because of gaining many customers and phone calls and they will be spending their money on important matters only.

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When the business owner receives a phone call, the lead generation provider will be paid and the company will have the chance to gain more money. This is definitely a win-win situation for both the lead generation provider and the business owner. Neither one of them will be paid until the company receives a legitimate phone call. With this being said, lead generation is definitely a highly recommended method to gain new customers for blue collar businesses.
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