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Google Maps Marketing and Google My Business Optimization For Springfield Businesses

Smart businesses understand that appearing in one of the top 3 positions for your most commonly searched keywords is extremely important. With the recent algorithm update by Google that shifted all rankings to mobile first, this is even more important. For brick and mortar and even service based businesses that provide professional services at a customers house or business ranking in one of the top 3 positions is an ultimate marketing goal. If your business is NOT in one of those coveted three postions then contact us and find out what we can do to help.

Building Your Springfield Business With Google Maps

If you are interested in optimizing your Google listing in Springfield, IL then you need a solid digital marketing strategy that deals primarily with Google maps listings. Search marketing is just not what it used to be, especially when dealing with brick and mortar businesses. The search engine results pages are relying more on relevance and prominence for you to appear on Google. This of course is most important for your maps listing. We use proprietary techniques to help create a strong online presence that leads to high Google Maps listings. If your wanting to grow your business and bring in more revenue then let us help you make money through Google Maps Marketing.

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How do I get my business higher on Google Maps?

The best way to get your business listing higher on Google Maps is to show Google that your business is a trusted authority in your niche and then provide the most relevant content in your geographic area. This is done by creating a trusted infrastructure comprised of citations and quality back-links and posting great content on a regular basis. Many internet marketing companies talk about rankings but cannot even rank their own business in the maps or in the organic listings on page one. We are number one on Google Maps and have made many other businesses appear in the maps 3 pack also. We will use the same strategy to make your business rank higher in the google maps section also.


Today, search marketing is a primary avenue where prominence for your business is created. Local SEO may be the most effective marketing effort that your company can use if you are looking to grow business in the Springfield area. Google recently made an algorithm change showing that ranking google properties is now most important on mobile devices. This gives local seo even more power due to the amount of smart phones and searches completed on the go.

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