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One of the advantages that we have over all other local and state wide digital marketing agencies is that our CEO has previously built a multimillion dollar business with nearly 50 employees.  Obviously this gives us insights that few if any other SEO agencies have.  We understand how businesses work.  We understand the trials and tribulations of working with employees.  We understand the importance of proper phone etiquette.  There are so many nuances about how businesses flourish and how businesses fail.  Most people would be amazed to see the same scenarios happening time and time again with companies that just don’t thrive.  Most are related to poor business models and not taking proper care of customers. If your company is not thriving, please contact us for advice.  We are not cheap, but we are good.

Why Choose Us

We are sure there are many companies that offer business consulting services.  I am sure also there are many good ones out there.  Fortunately, our management team has spent most of their lives in central Illinois.  We have to admit that there are many differences in how businesses work in Springfield, compared to how they may work in Chicago.  We are just friendlier here and need to treat people better.  Also, as a town of 115,000 and being ranked as number six as far as population for the state goes, this is still a town that is small enough that news travels fast.  It is certainly possible that a handful of bad customers may be able to be detrimental to your business.  Please also check out our pages dealing with reputation marketing and management also.